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Essentia was a collective exhibition, planned around art, live music and cocktails held February 2020. The intention was to promote authenticity- in a society that was facing an identity and excesses crisis -through massive events that promoted something cultural. We successfully had 300+ attendees, that got to experience a rooftop full of local art to look at, while they enjoyed live music and beer or wine.


We had four sponsors, Heineken, Fitzer, Invino and Acapella. For the art, we invited artists and offered them exposure free of charge, if they were willing to participate. Fortunately they agreed, and we had Carlos Balderrama, Pamela García, Lina, Joey O.R, Adrian Dávila, Tiziana Garza and Natalia Garza. It was such a success and it was so gratifying to see something that was an idea, come to life through hard work. Leadership, management under stress, the importance of team work and administrative knowledge are some of the skills I matured.


Unwillingly, we had to stop planning more events because of COVID-19.

Three of the (excited and tired) organizers.

Days before the event, organizing, collecting and receiving things for the big day.

Texts were all curated by Karla Hinojosa.

The crowd we got! 300+ attendees.

Art Installations with artists and the help of the wonderful curator that worked with us: Karla Hinojosa.

Things starting to look put together!
Best feeling to see all final touches finished. This is the elevator button.


Screen Shot 2023-07-09 at 18.43_edited.png
Screen Shot 2023-07-09 at 18_edited.png
Screen Shot 2023-07-09 at 18_edited.png
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