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End of the Year

As we come to the closing of a rebellious year - where for the first time we carefully observed the things happening around us and narrowed down the circles we socialized with - we can feel a sting in the tail as we wrap it all up.

It's been heard from table to table and from texts to shares, around the globe, that this year was a total disaster with quite a list of lessons and gladly, a silver lining. Hope. Fear. Faith. Battle. Desperation. Solution. Success. Words we have lived by these past twelve months.

This was an exploration year. Not putting aside the struggle many of us have been through and are going through, I, like most times, am here to allow you a moment of reflection and hopefully put a smile on your face.

As human beings, being one with ourselves, singular, single minded, single hearted, single body, we have lived through a year of humanization. What I mean by this is that it's been time to reflect and look around to see where we stand and with whom. Have you changed? Have the people you spend time with changed? Are there new beliefs in your heart? Have you gotten to know yourself better? Like water, we have adapted to the forms our planet has offered this year. I know we have all cried and we have all genuinely smiled this year.

Personally, I dug through layers deep inside myself I didn't know existed. We have been humbled into ourselves, we have been seated down and taught. There was no control from our side to the situation that was handed to us from God knows who or what. It has been a head spinning mind playing time, but have you not evolved? Have you not grown?

I am thankful for space. I am thankful for a hug. I am thankful for the powerful brains and the hard working people restlessly researching and testing for solutions. I am thankful for myself. I am thankful for family and strength from our peers. I am thankful for the layers this year has peeled off us. I am thankful, for everything that has happened has allowed me to see how truly lucky I am. What are you thankful for? Can't you see? 2020 has allowed us to be thankful for what we used to undervalue.

2020 has tested us. We have all passed. Through the thickness of the year, you've succeeded. You have been through the fire and you have grown a flame inside yourself to walk through it. If anything, this year has made us humans stronger, loved, humble, ambitious. We have put our hearts out there for people across the world, we have shared prayers for strangers and have gifted time to others, to the ones who need us. It's been a conscious year.

I invite you to smile, no matter where you stand or the situation you are currently in. Smile with pride and smile at yourself. Whether you are sitting on sand enjoying the sun this earth has blessed us with, or have just discussed with a loved one and find yourself crying in bed, smile. Know you are grand and simply human, let alone human, a resistant human that has been through a challenging year. I am proud of you. I am thankful for you.

I wish all of you, the happiest and the newest of years. Cheers to you. Make the best of anything you got.

I am with you.

Xoxo, Stella

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