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Naturally Curious

A Story (Part 1)

She was a rebellious child, expecting so much and doing so little. All she did was for herself. Everyone told her she should be happy and that's all she did.

Truly she was down to earth, she was free and light hearted. Simply seemed rebellious because she tried to fill herself up. It was a constant fight on feeling life as living and seizing each moment possible.

Always wanting to do a little bit of everything, things were left undone, never bothering her anyway for she had tried, and that was enough.

So much passion was deeply consuming, loving too much as well. Had she missed a few parties shed be more energized, but for her, resting was a thief and it took all her time.

The only problem was, she was so connected to her surroundings and intensely concentrated on the feeling of being satisfied, that she forgot to take care of herself. Not in a dejected way, but in a self-seeking way, avoiding all other feeling. Feeling fear was her fear.

People couldn't understand why she was like that. Always seeming to be an individual so free and so strange. They wanted to be like her but never could, because everyone else was the same and they were the same too, but she was not.

With a mind so powerful, just control, took care of barely anything affecting her. Happiness was what she wanted to be and as much as she could attaining on her own, was perfect enough.

She was too young anyway, but her time was her gold, and something as valuable as that could never be lost. Except life got to her, as it gets to everyone, and it came unexpected.

To be continued...

Xoxo, Stella.

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