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Naturally Curious

A Story (Part 2)

People crossed her path, and people still do, and she loves it. But new people bring new things, and new things come with new responsibilities.

Responsible enough she was for herself, but her way of being it was different. That was a problem. Problems was all she avoided.

She ended up defining herself as counterculture, except she didn't feel like she was that. She felt that defined her in a way that could only be understood by her, because bad intentions were something she never had.

New people brought new feelings, feelings she had never felt before. She loved them. She loved them so much that she kept looking for them in the same places they were given to her, but those places were out of new feeling to offer.

In times of trouble, all of what had been barely taken care of, showed up. Her nightmare knocking at her door.

It wasn't all that bad either, because that only came at times where she was bored or alone, so she got busy.

Busy got her places. She loved busy! So busy she kept. The thing was, she avoided seeing busy as avoiding all else that needed attention inside of her. New people made her see that.

She only felt down at times, but everyone else did too, so she said it was okay. She was still happy, almost always. She missed her old self, and her old self missed her.

She took herself by her hand, and taught her. She taught herself to love in new ways, to be responsible in new ways, and to understand herself in other ways. It was a matter of time until she put herself back together.

Finding a balance mixing the old with the new, she found her peace.

All of this, all by herself.

Making her happy once again.

The End.

Xoxo, Stella.

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1 commentaire

Lana Ryan
Lana Ryan
27 mai 2020

Beautiful ❤️

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