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Abstract Unfinished LoveStory

Updated: May 26, 2020

This was a book I started writing... Now Ive changed the whole concept because I decided not to give that specific story a long span (it takes long to write a book) of my time and thought consumption.

Ive had it for a long time because I started it during an inspired period of my life. Never finished it and probably never will, unless a book company wants to buy the story and lets me finish it haha. It is a bit complex because most things have deep meanings or connections to their literal meaning, so it might be a bit confusing but keep reading and it will connect (I was going a bit crazy at the time, made me very creative though). It is definitely an abstract read. Was actually going to be a great love story, but I really do not have the energy or care to finish it as the reasons I was writing it for are now funny to me.

What I got to write I hope you read and can enjoy!


Heres a bit of background so you understand a bit of context.. cant promise you will though. Complicated.

4 chapters

1. nov 11 - huasteca

2. huasteca - marzo

3. together - gone

4. My own closure/new ending

11 paginas del 1.0 al 11.0

Two Weeks - meaning:

. Gentle, tactful, diplomatic, forgiving, understanding

. Extremely resilient force

. Weak and powerless


Element: Air


Element: Earth

Important dates/numbers:

Karttika - oct 23 to Nov 21 - in the Buddhist calendar


. 11th month

. Gregorian Calendar

. Month 9: Knowledge and wisdom. Symbolizes life after death

June - Jyaiṣṭha - in the buddhist calendar

. 6th month

. Named after Juno: Roman mythological goddess of marriage and queen of the gods.

Number 11: extremely high vibration. higher intuition and spiritual insight

Confusing I know. Now the story...

When you can’t find closure, make it up.

1 - nov 11 - huasteca

During a night that resonated at an extremely high vibration during Kārttika. It was meant for her to transmute her personal power to a higher, more spiritual level. Never had she imagined destiny had its eyes set on her, but even with her eyes sat back on fate, she would pass inconspicuous.

After a long night turned into early morning, he was obviously going to be late. It had began already, because it starts if you make it or you don't. But he made it, late, but he did.

After the smoothest ice breaker and some solid laughs, it was like a mirror she was looking at, herself but in someone else. It was inextricable. No matter what or whom, they couldn’t unravel. Their blood was flowing in rhythm and the stars seemed to align. They could feel the soft blow of a kiss sent from earth into the air. The night came to an end, but started history.

She was a rebellious child, expecting so much and doing so little. All she did was for herself. Everyone told her she should be happy and that's all she did. Truly she was down to earth, she was free and light hearted. Simply seemed rebellious because she tried to fill herself up. It was a constant fight on feeling life as living and seizing each moment possible. Always wanting to do a little bit of everything, things were left undone, never bothering her anyway for she had tried, and that was enough.

So much passion was deeply consuming, loving too much as well. Had she missed a few parties she´d be more energized, but for her, resting was a thief and it took all her time.

The only problem was, she was so connected to her surroundings and intensely concentrated on the feeling of being satisfied, that she forgot to take care of herself. Not in a dejected way, but in a self-seeking way, avoiding all other feeling. Feeling fear was her fear. People couldn't understand why she was like that. Always seeming to be an individual so free and so strange. They wanted to be like her but never could, because everyone else was the same and they were the same too, but she was not.

With a mind so powerful, just control, took care of barely anything affecting her. Happiness was what she wanted to be and as much as she could attaining on her own, was perfect enough. She was too young anyway, but her time was her gold, and something as valuable as that could never be lost.

He was as mysterious as a cold night in may. Had never been around, but it wasn’t surprising. What was surprising was his presence, loud, rarely unnoticed. Life had been a struggle for sure, but he slapped pessimism in the face and out grew any problem faced.

He knew he could be his only hero and it had been such a success that it was no burden.

2 - huasteca - marzo

Listening to someone unsure, couldn't let her think of anything other than how sure she was. She felt like everything she was hearing was simply affirming all she had to say.

¨It's done. That’ll be the last time we keep company.¨

Silence was all the voice she had left.

3 - together - gone

Having had the clearest skies it was lifes law that the violent thunderstorms were close by.

The last kiss was the softest, the most romantic and meaningful. Physically separated but intertwined at soul. No other would ever feel the same.

New people brought new feelings, feelings she had never felt before. She loved them. She loved them so much that she kept looking for them in the same places they were given to her, but those places were no longer offering.

In times of trouble, all she thought had been barely taken care of, showed up. Her nightmare knocking at her door. It wasn't all that bad though, because that only came at times where she was bored or lonely, so she got busy. Busy got her places. She loved busy! So busy she kept. The thing was, she avoided seeing busy as avoiding all else that needed attention inside of her.

There were dark nights, and for sure empty days.

¨When you are broken

and he has left you

do not question

whether you were


the problem was

you were so enough

he was not able to carry it.¨

4 - My own closure/new ending

A red threat of fate is inevitable, not ever fragmented. So as they had wished over the multiple shooting stars under the dark moonless nights they had spent separated, fate, inconspicuous, acted upon them.

On the cherriest afternoon brought from higher intuition and born with deep spiritual insight during Jyaiṣṭha, both faces brushed again.

Like a pencil working with perfect tune on its paper, their blood started flowing in rhythm once again.

All pebbles are singular

sometimes moved away with the help of the sea

but in the end

the ocean moves all pebbles away

from one place

to another

and joins them all together


creating separation for a while

for each to have an independent


but eventually be led again

to each other.


Thats the end. Its unfinished and meaningless now but I did enjoy myself and left feelings on paper when I wrote it. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Stay safe and love yourself!!!!!

Xoxo, Stella.

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