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When it comes down to being right or wrong, we all think we are right. It's so easy to convince yourself that you have reason. I would understand why… it's because you feel a certain way, where you feel defeated or hurt. These feelings make you go crazy in the mind, because the situation gets so deeply analyzed that we look at all details and try to understand why it went the way it did.

A friend once told me this: There are two parts to these types of situations: one is what literally happened, as it went, and the other is what you think happened.

Random example:

What happened was that you best friend didn't get to your house because she was fined and they took her car, obviously had to deal with it first so she called you hours after.

What you think happened was that your friend never got there and ditched you, so you think of a million reasons why, and by the time you get her call you've made yourself angry.

It feels painful. I've been there just like all of you. It hurts and it one hundred percent sucks. But we have to understand, as I mention in my writings at many times, that we all have our own lives and we have things that need to get done. Its challenging to apply this thought into every day, but the more we do, the happier we will be.

This is life, and we learn from these things. Through pain and through thought we grow. Like this we become stronger and better beings, because we understand ourselves a little more. It's these situations that reveal to you what you can and cannot tolerate. Of course you should always respect yourself first, never tolerate more than what you put up with, but always be a little flexible.

This is the life we get, and how we control our thoughts, we control our emotions.

Take care of yourself and others.

Xoxo, Stella.

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