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For the Love of Life

Life can be tough, life can be boring, life can be exciting, even thrilling for most. But above all life is short.

In a span of seconds life arrives; with just a touch of air and the brush of light we are living. Life is beautiful, as cliche as it sounds. Its a gift, given only to few. Do you not realize how hard and scientifically perfect it is for you to be a living and working organism right now? Its insane!!! This now, what I'm telling you, means that you are a masterpiece made to perfection. You literally are a working miracle, lucky, like the other few.

Coldly, as fast as life is given to us, it it is taken from us. We humans, strange species that believe conquer the world, believe we have it all. We are born free and become (if given the chance) our own minds and bodies, who decide who we are and who we want to become. With life happening, things obviously get in the way. Specially for us reading this blog, you probably have a faster paced, busier, more comfortable life than the rest of the world (you wouldn't be reading this). It's hard to notice as we get carried away and filtered into the cycle of life we became accustomed to be living.

I just want to ask you one thing: May you please not forget, that life is so much more! Once we are gone, what we wear, who we hate, the parties we went to and the money we made mean abs-o-lu-tely nothing. They have no value whatsoever. It is so hard to believe this and to apply it in real life, easier said than done I know. But trust me when I tell you this, for I have lost people I love; What matters is how you made others feel and what you lived with them. Tell me, what you'd remember the most… that time when you told your best friend that you loved their new shoes and then kept scrolling through instagram? Or that other time when you were running away from the moody waiter after having an italian lunch with your best friend, laughing your lungs out while recording a video you'll probably never watch again because all you see is a blurry road, and all you hear is a tired, adrenaline filled laughing friend?

We are dust and dust we shall become. Please, humble human behind a screen, never ever, do you forget, that life is made up of the powerful moments, the growth in our minds and the feel of something different. It comes in all actions and in all sizes. You will be remembered for your laugh and your smile. At your funeral people will talk about your personality and all you dreamed of becoming because you deserved it. Be you, be strong, be funny, be emotional. Be all of what you can be for as much time as you have, for life goes, and it goes fast.

Tell people how important they are to you.

Xoxo, Stella

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