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Reflecting on Love During My First Day Covid +

Updated: Aug 19, 2021


I've missed writing for my beautiful blog. I hope you've missed reading it too! I've been quite busy but I am back.

So, I came back from a bachelorette trip yesterday and got tested positive for covid today. Sucks because I had plenty of plans that are now cancelled, but part of me thinks I deserve it after a couple of days out and about basically facemask-less. So get ready for many blog posts.

I felt like touching on a topic that has drawn my attention recently, obviously about love. So these bachelorette celebrations are a thing back home -and probably elsewhere around the world- getting married in my hometown is a big deal.

Now… marriage I understand is something very beautiful and fulfilling when it's done correctly with real, raw and equal love, respect and support. I believe marriage is not the goal, but the house we make with our partner is the path to the final goal. Getting married is simply a part of your long road ahead. Personally, I do wish to get married someday, but today I want to write about something else out here for you to reflect upon with me.

During this bachelorette trip, we went out to a specific place which is very intensely fun, and you get to meet other people and dance around while you enjoy your day till night time. My friends and I got a table and were celebrating the bride, while coincidentally there were two other groups of people celebrating other friends on their bachelorette as well.

We were all having an amazing time, mingling with others and celebrating the bride by making endless toasts. To cut the crap and get to the point, I just want to say how heartbreaking it was to have emerged in all this fun with others, but watch them (in this case it was men) break the fragility of their personal relationships so easily. Now, this post is not about unfaithfulness or about pointing fingers, it simply is to express the deep sadness I feel of how I saw love being mistreated with my own eyes.

I think that because I have seen such real love in my lifetime, and because I am aware of the kind of love I want myself to give and be given, it was too shocking to have seen others treat it like plain crap. It was as if they were very literally single, and like their partners were non-existent. I find it impressive how in a span of a few hours, the people they had promised their love to were unimportant for them.

Now, nothing big happened and I am not trying to scare anyone (because I am), but I do want to say that if you are in a relationship and are still tempted to be with someone else, end it. There is no excuse. Love is love, and when it is right there are no others involved and most definitely no lies about it either. I want to believe there is still something real out there and that people getting married are actually happy about it and faithful during it. Simply stay true to your values, it all derives from that.

It was a fabulous weekend apart from how intensely this caught my attention and how intensely I reflected upon it. Safe to say, I am grateful for the friends around me which provenly wish me well and do well themselves.

The message is to not settle for just something, but to be sure you will be happy, honest and actually compromising with your partner, even when you are on a party vacation.

Values, values, values!!! Love is real!!!

Xoxo, Stella.

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