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I think it's so funny, how we do things for pleasure, most times. Then, once we have to do it for something or someone, it suddenly becomes home work, harder to complete. I say this, because I started this blog on my own. I do this because its my passion. But here's the story:

I've had this dream since forever, of becoming a fashion designer who writes articles for magazines or newspapers while living in new york. There are many versions of what I could be doing to achieve this dream, but there's always changes of plans along the way.

Stella is my alter ego, it sounds strange but it's just a name for my anonymous face. I give her the life on social media that I want. Obviously when I talk about her I mean me, so it just makes me sound like a crazy person, but it's fun. I get a sneak peek into where i'll be if I get there.

One day I found myself looking through files on my computer of my writings and I decided to make them public. I already had my Instagram that is constantly updated (@meetstellax) so I said huh, why not make an official blog and connect both things. So I did. I barely have any readers, but just knowing that my thoughts and opinions are out there, on a blog, made by me, for you (& me) calms my heart. It's a passion that only with time and consistency will reveal its power.

At the end of one of my fashion design career semesters, I came up to the teacher who pushed me to start this blog and he automatically had the idea of assigning this as a new project for other semesters. A blog. I felt like that annoying kid who always said there was homework when the teacher forgot to ask for it, but thankfully nobody knew it was because of me.

To get to my point, I now accept that it's harder to keep up with a certain amount of blog posts due at specific times. I used to write when I felt like it, and now that I am “graded” for my passion its harder to keep up with it. The one thing it is teaching me, for the better, is that this is real life. If I ever want to get to be the writer in NY I dream of, I have to take projects and have them on time. It's still my passion, and when you read my articles on magazines you'll laugh about this with me, but you just gotta keep up.

Work is hard. When it is due it's tougher to fulfill. You can do this, do it like me. Do it for you.

Xoxo, Stella.

P.S. Thank you if you read my blog!!!!!!!! Makes me SO happy!!!

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