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The Present Moment

I used to think I was a strong person because I didn't get attached to things around me. But a year ago I was given the homework of living for two people. For me and my best friend. Then, I realized that being attached to her made me stronger.

All along, I had been the weaker person. I was putting in more effort into trying not to feel. I was forcing myself into the commitment of always being the stronger person and so there was a bigger pain being felt. Allowing people in and getting attached to the things around you will create connection and give those things and people around you, meaning.

We humans are doomed to believe we are too smart for nature, that we know everything about life; I'm just here as a reminder, that we don't. As Socrates once said, ¨I know that I know nothing.¨ Everything we have in our short span of existence is made up of human concepts. Time, for example, which we rely on daily, isn't even real. Our species has to understand that life is the most valuable thing someone could ever be given. We get confused- at least speaking for myself -with giving importance to things and titles and places that will eventually all disappear. Nobody cares what you wear, nobody cares where you graduated from and nobody cares how much money you have sitting in your bank account. This modern world we live in doesn't realize that the one true thing we have are soul to soul connections with others.

I am not saying you should drop everything and start feeling and living every moment oh so very deeply with life's achievements passing by unnoticed- even though in a world where life is genuinely appreciated that would be -because I myself know what it is to evade feelings. I'm just trying to put out there that we should all work on distributing worth to things that really have value. We have nothing promised, not time, not those around you, not your job. So, I invite you all to realize and deeply analyze that once someone is gone you will never see them again. Repeat that: once someone is gone you will never see them again.

Our next life isn't promised and we don't know that heaven is for real. Sometimes people get taken away or maybe sometimes they leave on their own will. It's time to put into practice that the ones we do have around, we should take care of and connect with because I say once again, out of experience, you'll never get someone twice.

Xoxo, Stella.

P.S. I am no longer afraid to reveal to my (small) public, that I enjoy writing the most when I shed a tear or two. I think the best posts come out when I do. Consider this post as one of the most honest ones.

Also P.S. This is for Caro. Happy 1st year!

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Lana Ryan
Lana Ryan
May 27, 2020


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