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Tomo Koizumi

The show seemed magical. It felt sweet and extravagant at the same time. Tomo Koizumi created a perfect contrast between the clean, simple and luxurious setting with the bright, bold and fluffy designs in his first New York Fashion Week this February 2019. The music and slow paced tones of it went perfectly with the image of a woman Tomo Koizumi wanted to give out: a balanced mix between serious and fun. The giant dresses barely recognized the models silhouettes, leaving some mystery for the eye. The mixture of the cherry reds, dreamy blues, sunny yellows and baby pinks allowed the public to absorb all types of amusement. Purples, greens, peaches and whites made for a rhapsody of fun and femininity that transported onlookers to a world of pastel fantasy. With so much being communicated from the designs, there were no accessories added on to the models; The shoes were the only accessory and they looked charming. The models had bold hair updos and electric eyeshadow that added drama to the show put on. For a little backup, I found three reliable sources focusing on Koizumis NYFW show. All three have a professional tone and point of view of agreement except for one small comment made by one of them.

On a review published by W Magazine, written by Caroline Grosso: “Five Emerging Designers to Know, Straight From Fashion Month” the author goes into fashion month and recalls low-key designer brands that were displayed during fashion week and brought new talent to the table. Proving that Instagram is still one of fashion’s favorite ways to discover worldwide emerging talent, W’s Contributing Fashion Editor Katie Grand discovered Tomo Koizumi via the app. The article goes over 5 emerging designers, Tomo Koizumi being one, and their outstanding design style. Unlike the other longer articles, Grosso didn't find a negative factor in the designer's show, instead she recalls “Without a doubt, his show was the talk of New York Fashion Week.” She insists Koizumi had the models that any designer would die for. Koizumi´s runway show to take place in a Marc Jacobs manhattan store, and overnight, the 30-year-old Japanese designer was touted as the standout star.

A Financial Times article, “The 14 most talked about shows of the season” by Jo Ellison and Alexander Fury gives us a hash different perspective from the rest of the eye guided crowds. Coming off as honest as possible, Ellison and Fury mention: “In a climate in which clothes must have a “message”, especially in New York, Tomo Koizumi’s dresses were refreshingly absent of agenda;” They write that his designs were extravagant, costume-y and very few wearable. Convinced that the show was good for the crowd, the authors write that the bright side was that there was a smile put on all faces that attended. With a professional and strong p.o.v. the articles tone is daring and as if they expected more from a newbie designer, but got positive results anyway. It starts off with a negative tone but twists into a positive article. Tomo Koizumi is immediately credited for his magnificent work and recognized for stealing all headlines. Please use the sharing tools found via the share button at the top or side of articles. “...he plans to show again, though he isn’t quite sure where. Backstage, after the show, he seemed almost incredulous that it had happened.” The author communicates that the humble designer was extremely proud of his work, and his fulfillment that night was important.

'It Is Crazy But The Good Kind Of Crazy,' Says Designer Tomo Koizumi Of His Viral NYFW Debut is the third and final review I read, written by Meghna Sarkar published in Forbes. With an optimistic point of view, the author says that nothing could stop the designer and that the show was “subversive and significant, bursting through the scene amidst a banal fashion week schedule.” Like the review written for W Magazine, this one was short and to the point. The difference was that this one felt more professional and well informed. I received more personal information from the designers opinion and as well on the inspiration behind the collection. Koizumi is all about the drama. “I love big volume,” he says. “My designs are edgy and feminine. All I want to do is to make gowns and dresses my way.” The Polyester Organza, arranged in layers and layers of carnation-like ruffles was beautifully portrayed by Japanese designer. The general focus was on the colourful designs created that had never been seen before.

The mysterious mastermind: Tomo Koizumi proved that you don't really need to have background knowledge on designers and their journey to fall in love with their collections. When they are portrayed as well as Koizumi´s was its never hard, right?. He created an elegant whilst enchanting show with authenticity and a great team. His discovery through instagram from celebrated stylist and editor, Katie Grand, make this designers story prove the worth of social media, specially instagram, for the fashion industry. After reading the other critics reviews, I appreciated the designers work much more and understood the designer and his story. One thing I did mention that I noticed critics didn't, was the team of people, the models and the music. Without the models uniquenesses and the musics quality the show wouldn't have been the same. After this analisis, whenever i'm at a show in the future, i'll notice from the smallest details like pearls and pendants, to the big picture including the scenery and audience. It's the smallest details and the last few minutes before the show, that compose the full masterpiece. Tomo Koizumi show opened so many doors for rising designers and gives hope for those caving opportunity by showing something new.

Xoxo, Stella.


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