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Updated: Oct 29, 2023

Here I am. First day- not even! more like a few hours- of my first ever solo trip. Italy.

What I wish to find by doing this, is connection. We are all always living for it. I am at peace but haven’t gotten to fair terms with the fact that connection is hard to establish. We can all find it, but don’t you feel it’s always just passing by? It comes and goes like a wave, or less cliché, like a sandstorm.

I had an experience about a month ago, where I went to a concert of an orchestra inside an ancient church in Paris. I was stunned, in awe, at what I was watching and listening to. One thing I couldn’t take my eyes off was the violinist. He was just another man on stage, but he had this joy in the way he played that radiated passion. In that moment I realized that passion is key, passion is self-love, passion is attraction. Happy by getting to that realization, I also felt a small void inside myself. How will I find that passion? That thing I love with my life that makes me radiate love for life itself. So as happy as I left, I was a bit shaken too.

Living in a big city like Paris, makes you wonder, who created all these great things? It makes you wonder what you are capable of and question what you’ll do with your life. In the most beautiful way, don’t get me wrong. It is not a matter of believing you can’t do it, instead a simple matter of observation, reflection, and motivation. It’s hard to get lost in the Parisian rhythm and pressure, but a bright mindset can save you from anything.

Back to my point of the solo trip, just today I listened to the silence inside me. Barely but I did. Located next to Farfa, a few km from Fara in Sabina, Italia, I spent the day walking, observing, and taking it all in. Of course, there were other humans around me and never forget the phone!! But the thing about these moments is that you get to decide who you interact with and what text you read, knowing that nothing around you will influence your decision but yourself. It is kind of a day meditation. It is also very hard to do. I can tell you that! You can feel some fear or feel lost for a moment that is for sure. It is there though where we hold on to the little power we have inside of us, and choose to keep searching and go through the thought, until you come back to yourself. It’s like a real-life game, except you are the only player and the only gamer.

Being solo is a challenge to most of us and I understand. Don’t you think that is a bit crazy? We can’t be by ourselves!!! The only human being we will be with for the rest of our days, and we can’t be alone with that? Think about this. It is insane. I once read a quote that goes:

“You live most of your life inside of your head. Make sure it’s a nice place to be.”

I really push you to try going on a solo trip. Make yourself your best company. Learn about yourself! Ask yourself questions like you ask your friends, be curious of who you are. Maybe like this you find your passion and me too.

Xoxo, Stella.

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