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Why You Are a Nobody in NYC

The big apple. It's everyone's dream place. It's the city where we feel alive, thrilled, moving, and confident enough to believe that we'll become the next big thing.

Here my reader, I am about to crush your dreams in the nicest way possible: You are a nobody living in NYC. There it goes. It's what we all know but don't want to hear. With a population of 4.314 million people living between Manhattan and Brooklyn (2017), someone new would only be 1 of 4 million. That means we have 1 chance out of 4 million+ to succeed and become something bigger than the rest, um, thats crazy!

Now, we could look at this in two ways: The negative, where we understand that we´ll never stand out and be steps ahead, or the positive, where we get to do and be anything we want whenever we feel like it.

New york is magic, it's so magical that you can live in it and be someone different every day. It's so diverse that all of you will be accepted for who you are. There's all types of groups and classes that you can fit into and it is so beautiful to fail many times until you discover where you belong in such a rushed city. You can change dreams every hour and be handed opportunities every 10 minutes. This is why is it so hard to stand out, you are just another New Yorker trying to succeed and grow bigger than the rest of the pack. Maybe this is why everyone feels so special, because you can do so much and be very different from the rest while you find your place.

It is hard to keep up though, I'm not suggesting here that it's easy, NYC is hard and tough. And if you look at it from my crazy almost lunatic sounding point of view, it is what makes it so desirable. The thought of not being able to attain it, is what keeps the dream alive.

Dream on.

Xoxo, Stella.

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