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Designed and brought to life a wine label design for MeetStellaX.

Screen Shot 2023-05-08 at 16.40.31.png

Collaborated with El Clavel Rosa, a flower shop, to design flower vases with one of a kind designs as a special edition release.


Work experience as the creative director at Efege, a photography company based in Mexico, shooting all over the world.

Worked with different brides whose photos got features in Vogue.


Content I have created for different brands, socials, websites, e.t.c.

Got handed a brand: ReWow, and fully re-branded it. MeetStellaX and a group of students, studied and found the brand's target market.

Art event in Monterrey, Mexico, created, and managed by MeetStellaX and a group of people.

We invited local artists to expose, and got over 300 guests to attend.

Pico Orizaba

Photos of a time when MeetStellaX climed Mexico's tallest mountain, El Pico de Orizaba.

Coming soon


Coming soon



I'm always looking for new opportunities. Let's connect.

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