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Updated: Oct 10, 2023

I sometimes wonder if humanity will survive for the next couple of decades. With hopes that other groups think similar to me, I still wonder.

Having mastered observation (or at least I think I have), I have to say there has been a clear shift in the worth of things both economically in the market and, painfully, also in our personal value system.

Conversing with a close friend last night, we couldn't grip the fact that our bodies are simply a suit for survival in the physical world, which carries within and is here to “serve our souls through personality” as Operah once said. If we think about this idea enough, we realize two things. How mind-blowing it is to get the chance in this time to be a voyager of this world, and how worthless buying status is.

Status, in some way, has become a controlling measure. It has become this way because with status there comes power, and with power there comes following, and with following there comes control. How amazing to become a great leader, don't get me wrong! Except great leader gives a totally different meaning to status. Buying status is demeaning. There are so many of us doing it, paying for blue verified checkmarks, buying the smallest item at brand stores to simply wear the brand, showing off on social media, doing things to prove others, disrespecting others because we feel entitled. How have we come so low? Are we valuing ourselves lower than things? Have we forgotten we are only here this once, and every day could literally be the last?

Maybe it's growing up, maybe it's the realization that things will never give you power, but in the fight to clear this status idea from my mind and start shifting my focus on the things that inspire me to live every single moment, I have become so free.

We will never thrive as societies if there is no worth within ourselves.

Xoxo, Stella.

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