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Love as Art

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

“Love is a complex feeling towards someone/something that isn't art, but feels as beautiful as art.”

- Stella

Love. What does that bs even mean? Is it something? Is it a feeling? Is it someone? Is it pleasure? How many things can we question love for before we accept that we really have no clue what it is, or what its about or how it works.

Recently, life has taught me that love, romance and midnight kisses are total bs. It's tough, never perfect, and definitely not overrated.

I might be a coward, I can't really prove im not, but it's a scary thing, love. Putting yourself out there and opening up to a stranger, which you strangely connect with and can literally chemically feel it. It's one of life's mysteries that nobody really gets, curiously we all want it.

It isn't a thing, you can't touch it or see it. It's hard to understand, but love should be easy to find and hard to settle into. Right there, is the exact reason why it is so beautiful. It's a deep, unknown mystery we put ourselves into and with time, we go along with it. It is difficult to come to an agreement in my vast confusion, of weather love is forever or it just becomes what it is, a compromise. There's a thin line between feeling a true strong love conexion, or settling into something that seems better than what it is. Maybe we are all scared of being alone, and we find it for comfort. Or, maybe it's real, and it finds us. It's clear that love can exist on its own terms, it needs nobody to feel it or agree with it, for it to exist. It.

Clearly, my reader, you might leave more confused after reading this. In a second it all changes, at 3:00 love may be what you mostly desire, and by 3:00:47 it might be what you hate the most. I'm not trying to scare anyone away from love, it's just always better to question everything. Love can't be defined, it's only felt when wanted. It's always a possibility. If you want it to exist, you'll always be able to have it.

Xoxo, Stella.

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