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The New Way of Thinking: Blooming

Updated: May 26, 2020

I've been watching Anna Wintour's master class: Creativity and Leadership these past few days and I cannot express enough what an amazing leader she is. Definitely a woman I look up to because of her hard work, the strength she has over her mind, how experienced she is and simply because one can tell when one is true to their feelings, and she is. I am six episodes in, and I have to say I've learned more in her courses than the whole year I studied fashion design. Anna knows the connections between the fashion, journalism and business worlds, and not only does she know how to make them work but she too creates strategies for them to come together.

This quarantine I've taken my time to focus on my dreams. I have been working on a poetry book, writing a few pieces for my blog, designing on paper and painting. I've been challenging myself to write more and to do so every day. Also I've started meditating (Deepak Chopra is next level wise), cooking as well. It's really been a hobby testing - hobby finding - dream planning type of year I guess. I too can say that focusing on all of this has made me realize that my dreams are hard as shit to reach hahaha. Sorry for the word I like keeping it professional but I couldn't find a better expression. Lol.

Before I lose my point, learning from The Anna Wintour herself that identity is important, I wanted to give my website vision, mission and engagement P.O.V. MeetStellaX is truly a passion I will fulfill and keep putting into practice hopefully for the rest of my days. Writing is not just a hobby for me, it's kind of what lights my life, a place where I am who I really am and where I express what I feel and can explain in deep clear detail why. So due to this I want to clear up who Stella is and why she exists as an imaginary human being, a website, an instagram, an invisible brain- whatever you like.

I hadn't really introduced myself or Stella properly, or given it life so here it is. We are for all of you. is my brain, shared with all of you. It's my craziest thoughts. We are peacemakers, debate starters and we know what we want. We are strong enough, smart enough and brave enough to get there. We are a dream becoming reality. We write.

I want to make you feel at home. I want to bring new ideas to the table, to keep a fresh and open mind constantly practicing creativity. This place is for everyone, it is open to opinion, debate, art, fashion, science, colors, sizes, skin tones, everything. There are no boundaries. It's a place where we can respectfully write and think anything desired and nobody will take it personally. It is expression and knowledge and the flow of learning. Meet Stella X is value. She is the new way of thinking.

This is a place where we are daring and we take risks. Not to be seen as rebellious, but to challenge our boundaries and expand our minds. Here we study the world and understand what is happening around us. We keep the learning flow alive and in circulation. We are passion and community. We question what goes on. We provoke conversation and learn from the mistakes we make. Meet Stella X builds. Writing is our link between the world and its expression.

MeetStellaX: broken down :


MeetStellaX and the rest of the world. Writers, journalists, anyone passionate and open-minded.


Everyday. We are constantly learning and we are aware of what's happening around the world.


Me the writer- Mexico based. Us, from the world and for the world.


Writing. Learning. Growing. More writing. Expressing. Bonding.


Because we are the voice of the world. If you don't speak up you wont be heard.

Be ready. Open your mind.

Xoxo, Stella X.

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Loved itt !!!!!!!!!!

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